Tips On How the Internet of Things Directly Impact Your Bottom Line


The Internet of Things is in everything from your car to your smart devices, and it should be everywhere in your company, too. Whether you want to keep tracks of your manufactured goods as they go around the world or you want to cut excess costs, smart sensors and data can help you do it. Here's how:

  1. Keep your warehouses stocked and your factories efficient. Knowing what needed to be kept in production relies on forecasts: if you have been manufacturing a given products for years, you have terabytes of data to show how much output you need within a given month or if you need to prepare for a predicted spike. But introducing smart sensors to your warehouses can make your output more accurate with live data. Between orders being placed more and more online through consumer portals and an increase in sensors that can monitor quantity, your factories can start to build more and more specific quotas to reduce wasted effort and materials. While this might trim only a bit of excess for that product you've been manufacturing for years, it can make or break a brand that is based on seasonal, one-time goods.
  2. Reduce energy costs in your factories or corporate offices. The Internet of Things, both through key fabs and through motion sensors, is already providing security and energy efficiency. But you can take advantage of the technology you have in place so your buildings can reduce cooling or heating once the last employee has left for the night and can act as a back-up to power down machinery in a factory or warehouse. The best way to keep your company profitable is to reduce inefficiency both with your products and with your properties.

The Internet of Things can expand to whatever you need. Many of the devices you already use, such as employee badges, can double to give you data or to let a smart building know when to turn out the lights. And introducing new technology, such as sensors or RFIDs, can help your databases better regulate your goods and production.

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Tim Brittingham

Written by Tim Brittingham

Director of Continuous Improvement | RBW Logistics