Motivation Tips: Motivations are Based on Values

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“In the pursuit of a rich, meaningful life, there is a growing body of science suggesting that our greatest values guide our behavior.” – Psychology Today

So how do your employees prioritize their values? Knowing the answer to that question can help you understand their highest values and therefore understand what motivates them. Want to know how to motivate your employees? Start by figuring out which of these 16 core values and motives is most important to them:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Acceptance
  3. Order
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Honor
  6. Power
  7. Independence
  8. Social Contact
  9. Family
  10. Status
  11. Idealism
  12. Vengeance
  13. Romance
  14. Eating
  15. Saving
  16. Tranquility


According to Psychology Today, “People act in ways that express their values [and] values predict behavior.” This means you can discover your employees’ values by observing and conversing with them.

Examples of Motivation Based on Values

  • If you have an employee who is motivated by power, you can motivate him or her by providing a company contest with a prize of a powerful position in a group setting.
  • If you have an employee who is motivated by acceptance, make an effort to make him or her feel included and important within the company.
  • An employee who is motivated by food will probably do well with rewards of candy or food items.
  • And employee motivated by tranquility will probably feel more motivated in a peaceful setting.


Different things motivate different people, as an employer, it is your job to find out how to motivate the people you work with. The best thing you can do is to be positive. According to this article, “There is solid evidence that emotions – positive or negative – can ‘infect’ others through a process known as ‘emotional contagion.’” A good leader who is motivating is one who is positive and uplifting.

John Albright

Written by John Albright

Senior Ops. Manager at RBW Logistics