Resolving The Last Mile Challege For Your Business

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Years ago, the biggest challenge faced by retailers was getting merchandise to the store. The customer came to the retailer to shop and it was up to the customer to get the product home. Today, with e-commerce seemingly growing by the day, companies are struggling with how to get merchandise to the customer and at a cost that won't be prohibitive to either party.

 That "Last Mile" delivery is indeed a challenge and the costliest part of the entire shipment process. Customers want a prompt delivery to their home or business. They are not concerned about the sometimes puzzling process in getting it there. That process for them needs to appear seamless.

Today there are a number of ways that exist or are on the horizon to help companies keep down the cost of getting that product out of the warehouse and to the customer. Options can include:

  • Using the postal service to help deliver smaller items. Since they make deliveries anyway and sometimes to remote locations, adding an extra package can be cost-effective for the sender.
  • Encouraging customers to order online but pick up items in store perhaps with cost savings to them to sweeten the deal.
  • Use of kiosks or fulfillment centers that are strategically placed in areas that consumers frequent such as inside a grocery store, near a train station, etc. Orders are placed online and the customer picks up the item on the way home.
  • With approval looming, drones could start to make deliveries that would make the hassle of getting around traffic much easier.

Despite these methods, there is still the need to find solutions that will get your customers orders to the right place and it must work at cost savings for your company's bottom line. We at RBW Logistics are in the business of solving the last mile logistic problem for you. Our team will work with your company, discuss your needs, see what is working and revise what is not. Together we will create the efficiency your business needs today to resolve issues associated with the challenges of the "Last Mile."

John Albright

Written by John Albright

Senior Ops. Manager at RBW Logistics