Inside Costco Quality Control


Duty in Details

added Apr 26th, 2012

Tonight on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Carl Quintanilla takes a look inside the popular warehouse chain Costco, where the focus is in the smallest of details. Technicians test quality control on all Costco products, checking measurements, product-to-product ratio, and weight to name a few variables. This episode focused on the most popular Costco product – toilet paper.

Some practices of quality control may seem obsessive, especially with something as simple as toilet paper, but this product is tested the most out of all on Costco shelves. Technicians use spectrophotometers to measure whiteness, softness and texture – a practice Quintanilla refers to as reserved for radioactive materials.

Don’t you feel more comfortable knowing your tush is protected by an entire staff dedicated to quality? Watch the full documentary tonight at 9pm.

Frank Anderson

Written by Frank Anderson