A Container For Everything


And Everything in its Container

added Sep 2nd, 2011

Think back to the last time you moved. How many different kinds of containers were involved. Were there specific boxes for dishes and others for cloths? Did the books go into the boxes procured from a local liquor store while the fine china was packed in cases constructed specifically for the task? How many suitcases, storage containers and plain old plastic bags were pressed into service?

No doubt it was a lot.

At RBW we know how it feels. Everyday we are faced with challenges of moving things from point A to B. That involves discerning not only how that freight will move, but in what sort of container – and there are a lot of choices.

Shipping by cargo ship might, for instance, require intermodal freight containers – those big metal boxes often seen stacked on docks and decks at busy seaports. Fluids are usually loaded into intermediate bulk containers (IBCs for short) or that tanks towed by semi or train. There’s insulated shipping containers, drums, and the unit load devices used in air transport.

There are so many options and, at some point in time, we will probably use every one. Well, almost.

We’ve never gone down to the liquor store and asked for boxes.

Frank Anderson

Written by Frank Anderson