Logistics Weekly

Smart Stores Stretch the Supply Chain To New Heights: Improving With the Right Technologies

Posted Feb 22, 2017 // Chadwick Heard


No doubt you've heard plenty about smart devices, but you probably haven't heard a lot about smart stores and how they're changing the way supply

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Transportation Tips For Safe and Effective Fleet Management

Posted Feb 16, 2017 // Brandon Waller

Here are simple tips that will allow you to manage a transportation fleet effective: Institute a Fleet Management Policy, Keep Safety First, Check Your

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The Five Biggest Distractions in a Warehouse Environment

Posted Feb 10, 2017 // John Albright


Working in a warehouse environment is an important job that requires focus and caution. While it is important for workers to stay on task, there are

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S.C. legislators to press for federal money to deepen harbor

Posted Feb 07, 2017 // Aaron Ferguson


We came across this article in the Charleston Regional Business Journal. It's great news for our Southeast. Let's just hope that the funding goes

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