The Five Biggest Distractions in a Warehouse Environment



Working in a warehouse environment is an important job that requires focus and caution. While it is important for workers to stay on task, there are some instances where they could be distracted. Noise, clutter,fatigue, texting, and chatter rank as the top five biggest distractions in our experience.  

Check out these five distractions in more detail:  Here we have the five biggest distractions faced by workers in a warehouse environment

1. Noise: When working around various types of equipment and machinery there is inevitably a lot of noise. To add to this, coworkers yelling to communicate to each other can make for a very noisy environment. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about the noise levels, so it is very important for workers to use PPE ear protection to protect their hearing. This type of protection will keep them safe, without compromising their ability to hear important things going on around them. 

2. Clutter: This is why we believe in the importance of a clean warehouse. When a warehouse is cluttered, workers are more likely to trip and have an unnecessary accident. Moving objects to their proper location throughout the day also wastes time and detracts from more pressing work. 

3. Fatigue: Hardworking warehouse employees often run the risk of exhaustion. Many work 8-10 hour shifts, and may forget the importance of taking regular breaks. Managers should remind employees to always take their breaks, eat a solid lunch, and drink plenty of water throughout their shift. Breaks are also crucial because most warehouses are not climate controlled. This means the warehouse is like a freezer during the winter, and a sauna in the summer. Remind employees to dress appropriately and rest when needed. 

4. Texting: Just like people shouldn't text and drive, it is equally important for them to refrain from texting while operating equipment and heavy machinery. Accidents can happen in the fraction of a second, so remind employees that their focus while on the clock is on their work, and not their phone. 

5. Chatter: Having a staff that likes to be social and fraternize is important for company morale, but unnecessary chatter during working hours needs to be kept to a minimum. When workers are socializing, they tend to be less productive and work suffers. It also increases the noise level, which can be very distracting for those trying to focus on tasks at hand. 

While some distractions are inevitable in a warehouse environment, it is important that workers do everything they can to minimize distractions, and stay safe while working. 

John Albright

Written by John Albright

Senior Ops. Manager at RBW Logistics