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Invest in Our Roadways

added July 3rd, 2012

On July 31, Georgia voters have a wonderful opportunity to invest in the future of this State’s economic development and prosperity. On the ballot will be a Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax (TSPOLST). The vote is being conducted regionally across the state. Each region has the choice to independently approve this investment with the funds raised in that region, being invested in that region. In total if all twelve regions pass this measure, $19 billion would be raised for investment into much needed transportation infrastructure. According to the Federal Highway Administration, every $1 billion invested in highway construction and improvements supports 27,823 jobs and generates up to $2.5 billion in direct and indirect economic activity.

Every penny that is raised in the local regions will be spent on local projects with local oversight. A local citizens’ accountability committee will be appointed in each region to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Of the total revenue raised in each region, 75 percent will go toward the regional projects lists and 25 percent will go back to cities and counties to use for local transportation projects.

While Georgia is the third fastest growing state, it ranks 49th in transportation spending per capita. Our continued investment in our roadways is more important now as it has ever been. The growth of Savannah port along with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport have made Georgia a centerpiece of global connectivity. We must not take this for granted.

On July 31st, voters in Georgia’s 12 regions will have the chance to say YES to a better future with more jobs and safer roads.

Frank Anderson

Written by Frank Anderson