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Trim the Muda - Lean Manufacturing ( Part IV: Processing )

Posted Apr 08, 2016 // Chadwick Heard


This is part IV of our XIII part series on removing the muda out of your manufacturing. Our most recent post in this series discussed

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Trim The Muda - Lean Manufacturing ( Part III: OverProduction)

Posted Mar 18, 2016 // Chadwick Heard


We continue our VIII part series on " Trim The Muda" in manufacturing.  Our last post was about the muda found in Transportation. Part III

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Trim the Muda - Lean Manufacturing ( Part II: Transportation )

Posted Mar 02, 2016 // Chadwick Heard

The 2nd installment of this 8-part series on reducing the waste in manufacturing is Transportation. Transportation is considered by many as the most

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Trim the Muda ( Part I: Lean Manufacturing )

Posted Feb 26, 2016 // Chadwick Heard

 Lean Manufacturing is a simple concept.

The objective is to remove as many inefficiencies ( waste ) as possible from your operations. The foundation of

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