Motivating To Build An  A-Team

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Results, or rather positive results are what every business, team, and individual would like to show for their efforts. RBW Logistics is keen on creating an environment that inspires, brings the best out of people, and believes in using the most of each team member's talents. This belief and practice can lead to a highly productive team of people who work collaboratively together to reach a common goal.

To better understand how to achieve this the following tips focus on the best ways to manage and motivate team members, no matter the task. Additionally, a tried and true test is discussed on how to place each member in the position best suited for what they have to offer to create a successful team.

First, the key is to personally connect each team member to that ultimate goal. In order to do this it is important that each member feels a sense of accomplishment for their contribution, which comes by way of acknowledgement and validation. This is the responsibility of the team leader. An example of this is stated in a article focusing on tips for motivating employees: "This can include recognition in front of peers and other rewards that...are meaningful to the person."

Another important concept to implement when seeking to manage and motivate that A-Team is letting team members think for themselves. In other words, allow them to problem solve on their own and incorporate their own ideas into situations that need adjustments or tweaking. By doing this they then create that sense of accomplishment on their own, which builds a sense of self-pride and this in itself is personally motivating. A bonus to this notion is that it can bring fresh ideas to the table, which can prove beneficial to business.

Finally, getting the most from each team member comes down to utilizing individual talents in a cohesive manner. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to first understand each person's strengths. This can be revealed by simply implementing something called the DISC personality test during the interviewing process. The results of this test will help leaders place team members in a position they can thrive in.

Following these tips will create a successful team by providing effective leadership and purpose to team members, which will result in a productive and thriving system and produce A-Team players.

John Albright

Written by John Albright

Senior Ops. Manager at RBW Logistics