10 Warehouse Management Tips To Optimize Productivity


Your warehouse productivity is directly linked to your ability to organize your operations and motivate your top performing employees. Ten great tips to manage your warehouse like a champ. From safety and compliance to top-notch equipment and training, you must make employee engagement a priority.

Below are 10 warehouse management tips to help you maximize your productivity this year.

1) Make your safety training interesting and relevant. One of the biggest challenges facing warehouse managers is the task of ensuring that employees receive regular safety and compliance training.

2) Outline company production goals to employees at the start of each year. Setting a common goal for your warehouse team will help give employees a target to strive to reach. If possible, specify an incentive that employees will receive if they attain the goal.

3) Upgrade to LED lighting. LED lighting is energy-efficient and cost-effective. LED lights also produce less heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable work environment for employees.

4) Recognize top performing employees. Your top performing employees are more than your best producers – they are the lifeline of your operations and role models for new employees. Reward them with verbal recognition and service awards such as gift cards and preferred parking.

5) Make sure all of your warehouse equipment is maintained. Regular maintenance of forklifts, pallet lifters, nail guns and other devices will help prevent injury and help your warehouse operations run smoothly.

6) Link bonuses to tenure and performance. Linking bonuses to performance and tenure will help bolster employee retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. Be sure to clearly specify performance goals and service tiers to help bolster engagement.

7) Update your pallet racking system. An organized pallet racking system will help you make the most of your warehouse space and provide easier access to fast moving inventory.

8) Invest in a cloud-based software system. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based software system is access to real-time inventory. A cloud-based system will allow you to know exactly how much inventory you have available, regardless of time or location.

9) Cross-train your employees. Cross-training will help ensure that you are prepared if employees are sick or leave your company. Even if you set aside one week per quarter for cross-training, you will be better prepared to handle staffing shortages.

10) Seek the expertise of an industry expert. The best way to optimize your warehouse operations is to enlist the guidance of a specialist in supply chain operations. A leader in the 3PL industry can give you the spark that you need to take your warehouse operations to the next level.

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Chadwick Heard

Written by Chadwick Heard

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