Transportation Tips For Safe and Effective Fleet Management

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Here are simple tips that will allow you to manage a transportation fleet effective: Institute a Fleet Management Policy, Keep Safety First, Check Your Drivers. Continue reading for the details... 

Business owners often find managing a fleet of vehicles challenging. Along with the fact that these vehicles are classed as workplaces under the Health and Safety Act, you will have to maintain them to protect your employees and others on the road. Without solid fleet management, you will find that some of your drivers fail to take adequate care of your vehicles. If you fail to maintain your vehicles properly, you run the risk of depreciation. In addition, the cost of maintaining them will go up along with the likelihood of accidents; with an increase in accidents, you will see higher insurance premiums. Below are three transportation tips for managing your fleet effectively.

Institute a Fleet Management Policy

In your policy, you should state your intention to help your drivers develop their skills. Consider outlining your goal of reducing claims by a certain percentage. Within the policy, explain your criteria for routine assessments of your drivers. You will need to communicate policy clearly to ensure that all of your drivers understand it and keep it in mind.

Make Sure That Safety Measures Are Followed

Prioritize inspecting your vehicles and keeping them roadworthy. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that your employees have safe working environments. You are also responsible for preventing potential liabilities. Ideally, you should have your vehicles inspected on a monthly basis. You should also hold your drivers accountable for basic tasks like checking tire pressure and oil.

Check Your Drivers Regularly

Driver checks include checking licenses every six months along with medical examinations. Medical exams can catch physical or mental issues that may result in accidents. You should also remind your drivers of company policies regarding the use of cell phones and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The tips above can ensure that your fleet runs smoothly and can help to keep your insurance premiums low as well.

Brandon Waller

Written by Brandon Waller

Operations Manager at RBW Logistics