Inspire Your Team Members by Making Them Self-Sufficient


How do you make your team members more self sufficient ? Micromanaging is not the key. Giving them more responsibilities is the answer.Teach your team members to become self-sufficient and empower them. Implement this advice into your operations. 

Your business depends largely on how well your employee teams perform.Their work's quality and their level of productivity largely determine the success of your company. It matters how you manage and motivate these teams. One positive technique is to inspire them to become self-sufficient.

Encourage employee teams to make workable plans for projects. Rather than giving them specific guidelines, pose questions to help direct them. For example, ask them how can they best divide the work tasks, how long will the project take to complete, what potential issues can they identify and how will they handle these if they do occur.

Avoid micromanagement. The team needs to work without you hovering over their every move. Challenge them to negotiate with each other, decide what ideas to use and how to make those concepts work. Do be open and available for their questions. Also step in when things go off track to help guide them. You can then pull back and let them resume independent work. Your main role is to support, not to take over.

Giving your employees additional responsibilities and holding them accountable helps build self-sufficiency. It is a show of faith in their capabilities and creativity that is empowering. When employee teams make their own decisions regarding their work, they are more inclined toward greater productivity. They hold more of a stake in the company's success and this motivates them to achieve more. You can rely on them to get the job done so you have more time to spend on other company concerns.

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Bob Willert

Written by Bob Willert

COO at RBW Logistics | Proven Supply Chain Leader